Preclinical and Clinical Contract Research (CRO)

MD Biosciences is a pre-clinical  contract research organization (CRO) providing in vitro and in vivo nonclinical efficacy studies as well as a clinical biomarker and general chemistry analysis. Our focus is on inflammation, neurological and cardiovascular conditions. Our approach is to understand the need in the clinic and work backwards. In this way, we look to develop new methods for preclinical testing as well as new biomarkers that can be used in the clinical setting to improve upon current methods.

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Collaborative Drug Discovery

Recent years have seen a fundamental shift in funding moving from discovery and preclinical development to later phase clinical trials. The result has been an increasingly dry pipeline of novel chemical entities and biologics as well as a scarcity of compounds moving into the clinical phases. As the pharma business model has been challenged and changed, proven preclinical compounds have become increasingly valuable as a means to ensure the ability of pharmaceutical companies to offer proprietary, non-generic, revenue-generating drugs in the near future.

MD Biosciences is offering exclusive partnership programs to develop first-in-class or repurposed drug candidates in the following therapeutic areas. Contact us to discuss partnership opportunities