A platform based on science and expertise

MD Biosciences is a discovery and clinical stage pharmaceutical and biotechnological company offering collaborative drug development opportunities, selected fee-for-service in vivo and in vitro models, clinical laboratory services as well as products for use in research. The proprietary platform is based on in depth understanding of inflammatory and immunological pathways as well as neurological processes leading to disease states and therapeutic approaches. 

in vivo phenotypic screening

Preclinical Services

The expertise of MD Biosciences is provided selectively in a fee-for-service model. This includes in vitro assays and screens, in vivo efficacy studies, the determination of PK, pre-toxicity and approximation of the mode of action.

translating preclinical models to the clinic

CLIA Clinical Biomarker Diagnostic Laboratory

MD Biosciences provides its biomarker expertise through its CLIA Clinical Diagnostics laboratory. Services include full clinical chemistry and hematology, biomarker validation and assay development as well as proprietary cancer markers, specifically in the area of gastro-intestinal carcinomas.

preclinical contract research in pharmacology and efficacy studies

MD Biosciences Research Products

MD Biosciences develops monoclonal antibodies, proteins and assays through the course of its research.  Such products are manufactured and provided for sale through our dedicated offices and representatives throughout the world.

preclinical contract research for medial device

Collaborative Drug Development

Learn about our emerging pipeline of lead compounds addressing unmet needs at the cross-section of inflammation and pain. See our vectorized vaccine for veterinary osteocarcinmoa applications. Talk to us about our collaboration and investment possibilities.


Interactions between the nervous and immune systems and the potential targets that lie in the overlap.

eBook: Link Between Pain & Inflammation