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in vivo phenotypic screening


In 2011, it was reported that more first-in-class drugs were identified by phenotypic screening than target-based approaches over a decade reviewed. Phenotypic screening enables simultaneous evaluation of multiple...

translating preclinical models to the clinic

Large animal

Increase the probability of drug development success at the preclinical stages. The failure to interpret results from animals to humans using rodent models calls for more predictive models.

preclinical contract research in pharmacology and efficacy studies


There is less than 10% success rate bringing new drugs to market, and many failures can be pointed to lack of safety or efficacy. Working with a partner who understands disease pathology and numerous biological targets is essential to good...

preclinical contract research for medial device

Medical Device

MD Biosciences offers large animal studies for medical device testing in pain, cardiovascular and metabolic therapeutic areas. The pig is an ideal species due to the close resemblance of many target organs to human. Our experience covers...


Interactions between the nervous and immune systems and the potential targets that lie in the overlap.

eBook: Link Between Pain & Inflammation