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Preclinical Efficacy Studies

MD Biosciences offers in vitro and in vivo services preclinical contract research services for efficacy studies in the drug discovery phase. Our services include various in vivo disease models, complex mode of action platforms and biomarker analysis using all available methods. Combined in vivo and in vitro protocols can be performed making complex study designs possible.

Bio/Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery

Within this industry, we provide a range of preclinical services for evaluating saftey and efficacy of proposed therapies. Our goal is to combine in vitro and in vivo studies to give you a well-rounded platform of testing in both a human cell system that closely mimics the human situation as well as in vivo animal models for efficacy. This strategy serves to contribute to more detailed information and mode of action information on a test compound, thereby potentially eliminated late phase failures.

Medical Device Industry

Within this industry we provide a range of testing for both implantable devices as well as inflammatory effects of coated delivery systems.

Animal Health and Nutrition

There is a great deal of interest in the companion animal health research area, particularly related to arthritis and bone health, obesity, and renal and liver function. Despite this interest, many biomarker assays that have been established for health monitoring and preclinincal studies have yet to be developed for use with canine or feline samples. To fulfill the need for biomarker assays, we have developed and validated a panel of canine and feline biomarker assays.


Many natural-based products and supplements are developed that exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. We offer a range of custom in vitro cell based assays for evaluating the anti-inflammatory properties and natural and plant-based supplements.