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Histology Laboratory Services

Digital Pathology 

Precision Imaging 

Digital Pathology Services

Our histopathology laboratory can support every stage of the tissue analysis process, from sample excision and processing to staining and pathological analysis. Our experienced histologists and technicians ensure client samples are optimally prepared for downstream analysis and interpretation by a licensed pathologist. Our pathology team uses some of the most advanced technologies including the Leica e-slide Manager, Pathcore Digital Slide Manager and Visiopharm AI platform to produce high quality, reproducible results to meet your research needs. Such state-of-the-art softwares address the most challenging applications of image analyses, allowing our researchers to exceed research limitations and push innovation forward. Use of these technologies generates precise information about disease states of tissue. Additionally, we offer whole slide imaging capabilities. 

Board Certified DVM (Veterinary) and MD Pathologists

Our highly experienced pathologists partner with you to offer:

  • Histopathology slide review and disease scoring
  • Customized imaging analysis
  • Step-by-step discussion 

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