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Immunology/Inflammation Laboratory Services

Inflammation and Autoimmune Diseases

Experts in Inflammatory Pathways, Disease Models and Biomarker Analysis

Need a research partner with proven inflammation & immunology experience?

We've helped many biopharmaceutical companies advance their innovations through preclinical efficacy phases. 

Talk to us about your objectives! We offer validated models of many inflammatory diseases including skin (IL-23 psoriasis, dermatitis, delayed type hyper-sensitivity, anaphylaxis), gastro-intestinal (TNBS or DSS induced IBD), respiratory (acute lung injury, asthma, fibrosis), joint (rheumatoid arthritis) and sepsis (LPS induced). Each disease area is served by different models, offering answers to your candidate therapeutic's effect on different disease parameters. Our disease models have been developed over many years, giving us unrivaled leadership. MD Biosciences' services in the area of rheumatoid arthritis benefit not only from expertise in running the models but also from the fact that we are one of the main suppliers of bovine collagen Type II as and the arthritogenic antibody cocktail, ArthritmoMAB®, for the induction of arthritis in rodents. Our inflammatory disease models serve as the basis for in-depth biomarker analysis, providing unrivaled ability to nuance the effect of compounds at each disease stage. 

Our expert scientists are able to combine different disease models to offer unparalleled ability to distinguish the mode of action of novel compounds. Combining models, such as IBD, fibrosis or asthma, along with biomarker read-outs (proteins, RNA expression, histology) may quickly and cost-effectively reveal a putative mode of action.

We constantly invest in the development of new models. Are you interested in a variation of a model or a new paradigm? Speak with us! We are always interested in co-development and pilot programs to establish new models and reaching new levels of understanding. 

Whether the objective be to bring a compound to outlicensing stages, expand the therapeutic potential of already approved therapies or progress a compound to clinical trial phases, MD Biosciences can help. We are more than just a CRO, we are a research partner that can help design the studies based on the goals at hand. We understand the time and budget contraints that every research group is working under, whether you are a large pharma company or a small start-up. All studies are designed to maximize the amount of data that can be obtained from a single animal or cell. 

What will we bring to your project?

  • Flexibility to accomodate last minute study changes
  • Open communication so you know the status during your study
  • Scientific contribution to the study design
  • Innovative approaches to tackling problems
  • Wide range of ex vivo analysis including multiplex, PCR, histology, IHC
  • Willingness to validate new methods
  • IACUC and AAALAC oversight
  • GLP-like processes to bring quality and consistency to methods
How can you be sure? We'd be happy to share experiences from our sponsors. Just ask.