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Global Ischemia 4VO Model


Global ischemia 4VO model for stroke & neurodegeneration research

The Global Ischemia model involves permanent occlusion of vertebral arteries and transient occlusion of carotid arteries. No cerebral blood flow to any area of the brain causes injury to the hippocampus. This modelmimics cardiac arrest and coronary bypass surgery.
The 4VO model can be used to evaluate not only lack of blood flow to brain as found in cardiac arrest and coronary bypass surgery, but also neurodegeneration, dementia and oxygen stress.


  • Histology
  • Water maze
  • Grip Test

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Water maze in the 4VO model

water maze test in the global ischemic 4VO model

Rats were given 8 trials to find the platform in the water maze test. Sham vs vehicle and test treated groups were evaluated. The animals that received the test item were able to find the platform in the water maze test in a similar fashion to sham animals. The vehicle treated animals were unable to find the platform after 8 trials. 




  • Rat permanent 4VO
  • Rat transient 4VO







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