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MD Biosciences & Janssen R & D, LLC to screen extensive library of compounds.

Written by MD Biosciences | Apr 14, 2014 1:00:00 PM

MD Biosciences enters into an agreement with Janssen Research & Development, LLC to screen an extensive library of compounds with its proprietary Senerga® Phenotypic Screening Platform.


St Paul, MN (April 14, 2014) – MD Biosciences announces that it has entered into a research agreement with Janssen Research & Development, LLC, through the Janssen Incubator and a venture team focused on natural product drug discovery programs, to screen a novel and proprietary chemical library of compounds for pharmaceutically relevant activity.  MD Biosciences will apply its innovative screening platform, Senerga® Phenotypic Screening Platform for this purpose. Senerga® PSP is based on three matrices covering  pathways related to inflammatory, metabolic, cardiovascular and CNS diseases in addition to delivering preliminary toxicology data. Senerga® PSP delivers a comprehensive portfolio of phenotypic and biomarker data for each compound in the library and points towards putative mode of action of novel compounds. A dedicated scoring algorithm is used to rank compounds with regards to their activity. Pharmaceutically active compounds will be validated in dedicated disease models. The use of Senerga® PSP provides unique speed and efficiency in mining its novel chemical library.


About the Senerga® Screening Platform

MD Biosciences has in-depth expertise and data on complex programs involving mechanism of action and efficacy studies. Senerga®PSP provides a uniquely customized approach applicable to new compounds as well as for repositioning of failed or on-market drugs. Senerga® is available for collaborative development programs together with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.


About MD Biosciences

MD Biosciences is dedicated to the preclinical discovery and development of compounds. The company engages in collaborative partnerships and research projects with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies world wide. MD Biosciences operates purpose-built and state-of-the-art facilities in Nes Ziona, Israel and in St. Paul, MN, USA.





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