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Lumican & Keratocan Monoclonal Antibodies | Eye/Cornea

Written by MD Biosciences | Dec 9, 2008 5:12:00 PM

St Paul, MN, December 9, 2008 – MD Biosciences, a global biotechnology company focused in inflammations and neurology research, announces the launch of Lumican and Keratocan Monoclonal Antibodies. Both Lumican and Keratocan play a role in the development and maintenance of corneal transparency making them ideal for applications in Eye and Cornea Research.


Lumican and Keratocan belong to the Small Leucine Rich Proteoglycan (SLRP) family. Keratocan was originally found to be a cornea specific keratan sulphate proteoglycan. Lumican is a proteoglycan expressed in extracellular matrix (ECM) and connective tissues where it has been reported to contribute to collagen fibrillogenesis, tissue hydration, migration and proliferation. Lumican modified with keratan sulphate, constitutes one of the major proteoglycans of the corneal stroma, where it stimulates cell migration on the corneal epithelium and is also believed to play a regulatory role for keratocan. Mutations of keratocan cause cornea plana in humans, which is often associated with glaucoma, whereas the absence of Lumican leads to formation of cloudy corneas. This suggests that Keratocan and Lumican have different roles in regulating the formation of stromal extracellular matrix.


Both the Lumican Monoclonal Antibody (Catalog 1042007) and the Keratocan Monoclonal Antibody (Catalog 1042008) are IgM antibodies that are affinity purified on a thiophilic column. The Lumican antibody recognizes a protein epitope and is specific for human, bovine, mouse and porcine tissues. The keratocan antibody recognizes a protein core epitope and is specific for human, bovine, porcine, mouse and chicken tissues. Both antibodies are supplied as liquid, ready to use, at a concentration of 0.1 mg/mL for ELISA, Western Blot and IHC applications.


In addition to Lumican and Keratocan antibodies, MD Biosciences also supplies a line of Aggrecan, Collagen, MMP, Proteoglycan, Protease, and T cell specific reagents that encompass natural and recombinant proteins, antibodies, ELISAs and assays. For additional information on any of the reagents or services provided, please visit the website at


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