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MCRH Wins Contract for Phase I Clinical Trial

Posted by Jared Schuster

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on Oct 27, 2017 9:39:51 AM

The Minnesota Clinical Research Hub has announced its first contract win for a Phase I multi-site clinical trial with a large European plasma biotherapetuics company in combination with two of its founding members, MD Biosciences and Prism Research. See the associated press release on Business Wire.


About the MCRH

The Minnesota Clinical Research Hub (MCRH) is a partnership of five leading companies in the Minnesota health industry collaborating to provide a comprehensive clinical development platform. Leveraging their collective expertise, Prism Research, Medtronic, Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI), ThreeWire and MD Bioscience provide life science companies and local clinicians with a seamless partnership ensuring a responsive, integrated approach to clinical study conduct. Further information is available at www.mncrh.com.


About Prism Research

Prism Research is a 52-bed clinical research company specializing in the execution and management of phase 1/2a studies in patient and healthy populations with an emphasis on complex study designs. Since 2005, Prism Research has provided FDA approved investigational pharmaceutical and medical device testing services for drug and device manufacturers, academic institutions and private physicians as well as other researchers across Minnesota, the U.S. and abroad. Further information is available at www.prismresearchinc.com.


About MD Biosciences

MD Biosciences is a pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostics development company providing research services and advanced diagnostic capabilities to the clinical and pre-clinical research markets. As a CLIA-certified diagnostic laboratory, MD Biosciences offers a wide array of molecular, proteomic and cellular analyses across multiple sample types with biomarker experts experienced in the development and validation of custom fit-for-purpose assays. With an emphasis on inflammation, immunology, oncology, neurology, metabolic disease and pain, MD Biosciences supports the design, development and implementation of diagnostic tests for patient selection and stratification.