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MDB Recieves OECD-GLP Certification of Histopathology Facilities

Posted by MD Biosciences

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on Feb 2, 2018 2:02:12 PM

Nes Ziona, Israel & Oakdale, MN, USA

MD Biosciences is pleased to announce OECD Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) Certification for it’s integrated histopathology and IHC facilities located at the Weizmann Science Park in Israel.


MD Biosciences Histopathology and IHC laboratories assist sponsors in the identification and development of clinically relevant biomarker assays and novel methods. The laboratories provide services for a wide variety of tissue types such as skin, joint, neuronal or others from human, porcine, rodent and other species. 


This GLP certification for Histopathology and Toxicological Pathology follows GLP certification of MD Biosciences’ in vivo Preclinical Animal Research Facilities, as well as recognition according to Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) provisions for MD Biosciences Clinical Biomarker and Diagnostics Division.



About MD Biosciences:

MD Biosciences is a leading provider of clinical and preclinical contract research services.  Established in 1991, MDB provides expertise and services in areas including cancer, cardiovascular, metabolic, inflammatory and neurological conditions including pain-associated disease as well as surgical procedures. Through collaborations with pharmaceutical and medical device pioneers, MDB develops innovative therapeutics and diagnostic assays. Each scientist at MDB is highly specialized, and has an in-depth understanding of a variety of disease mechanisms and how to modulate them. This expertise, strengthened with over 10 years of preclinical efficacy experience, brings value to drug development programs whether the focus is on new therapies or repositioning approved, expiring or failed therapies. Furthermore, MDB's clinical services operate at state of the art laboratories staffed with highly experienced scientists and technicians utilizing the newest and most advanced equipment available. All clinical work is performed according to CLIA standards, and may include assay development and validation, protocol design, sample archiving, and biomarker analysis services. 


For additional information related to our QC/QA divisions, please email info-us@mdbiosciences.com, Attention: Quality Division.

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