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MD Biosciences Launches New Products Division - MD Bioproducts

Written by MD Biosciences | Oct 6, 2009 3:45:00 PM
MD Biosciences (MDB)  launches MD  Bioproducts, a division of MD Biosciences, in a continued effort to  meet client needs for high quality research products. The new division allows MD Biosciences to strengthen and expand it's product offering for immunology and cell biology research while maintaining its contract research focus within inflammation and neurology disease research.

While MD Biosciences has offered its products for purchase since 1991, the new division permits for increased product distribution by 140 percent. Cell Culture Related Reagents, Assays, Antibodies, Proteins, and Western Blot kits are some of the products MD Bioproducts currently provides. Currently, new products and product technologies are being explored and will be added to the development and manufacturing for the coming year.

"At MD Biosciences, our top priority has always been meeting the needs of our clients through the products we offer and customer experience we deliver. The launch of MD Bioproducts is a great step of convenience for our clients-accommodating them to optimize their research process. We know that our products offer accuracy and reproducibility so our clients can be confident in their results. Our quality reagents contribute to the success of our clients' research," stated MD Biosciences President, Eddie Moradian.

Apart from the key benefit of increased manufacturing opportunities, the new division provides a better resource for product purchasers. VP of Marketing & Sales, Amy Clausen said, "MD Bioproducts showcases a new, clean look--including packaging, logo and its own website, which allows for easy navigation and viewing of product features. We are thrilled to be taking this direction at MDB as it will simplify and improve the customer experience for the client." MD Bioproducts website may be visited at

About MD Biosciences

MD Biosciences provides contract research services including efficacy testing, mode of action platforms, in vitro analysis, and histology for the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Animal Health & Nutrition Industries. We offer several novel models in the area of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), Multiple sclerosis, asthma, IBD, pain, and Parkinson's disease. The in-depth expertise in these disease models has been applied to designing protocols to assess the efficacy and required dosage of novel compounds. Contracted studies are designed and reviewed by MDB’s panel of internationally recognized experts and performed at one of MDB’s specialized laboratories located in St. Paul, MN (USA), Glasgow (Scotland) or in Israel. We provide a ready team of experts to tackle problems and provide solutions.

About MD Bioproducts

MD Bioproducts is a division of MD Biosciences offering high-quality reagents for immunology and cell biology research. Our goal is to provide products that are easy-to-use, accurate and reproducible – ultimately contributing to our client's research success.


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