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Preclinical Contract Research

Post-operative Pain


Post-operative (incisional) models of pain in rodents and pig.

The under treatment of post-operative (incisional) pain has been recognized to delay patient recovery and discharge from hospital. Despite recognition of the importance of effective pain control, up to 70% of patients still complain of moderate to severe pain post operatively. The most commonly used model to test the effect of new analgesic drugs in post-operative (incisional) pain is the Brennan model. Although, this model can provide good answers to systemic drugs it is less suitable for testing local treatments such as implants, patches, medical devices and creams.


MD Biosciences has developed a unique post-operative (incisional) model to meet this growing research need and allows for the assessment of local and systemic therapies. Models of Post operative (incisional) pain are appropriate for evaluating implants, patches, medical devices and creams. Don't see the model or assessment you require? Our scientists are experienced with rapidly validating models from the literature. Please speak with a scientist to discuss your requirements.


MD Biosciences offers both the rodent and a porcine model of POP. The porcine POP provides greater translational relevance for the evaluation of topical and local treatments. We have published the characterization of the model in the Eur J Pain (European Journal of Pain, Sept 2013, Characterization of a porcine model of post-operative pain, Dr Sigal Meilin, MD Biosciences)

  • Von Frey
  • Wound score (pigs)
  • Inflammation score (pigs)
  • Behavior Score (pigs)
  • Motor function (pigs)
  • Histology (pigs)
  • Gross pathology (pigs)
  • PK

IHC Staining of Transverse Porcine Skin Sections Using PGP9.5 Antibody Demonstrating Peripheral Nerves


Figure A. High magnification of PGP9.5-positive nerve branches in the dermis. Figure B. High magnification of PGP9.5-positive nerve branches in the subcutaneous fat layers



  • rat Brennan model
  • pig POP model


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