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Preclinical Contract Research

Biomarker Analysis Services

Multiplex, PCR, FACS, IHC

Biomarkers Quantitative Analysis

MD Biosciences offers biomarker analysis of a variety of samples from in vivo studies, cell based assays and human clinical trial samples. Biomarker studies encompass detection of protein or mRNA utilizing a variety of methods including Multiplex assays, ELISA, PCR, FACS and IHC. Assays that are used in biomarker studies are selected from reputable assay vendors known for rigorous validation and QC methods to ensure accuracy and reliability of results.Biomarker analysis for in vivo studies, cell based assays, companion animal studies and human clinical trial studies.


Each biomarker study run with MD Biosciences can be customized with the exact analytes of choice or sponsors can select pre-formed panels based on common expression profiles (Th1, Th2, Treg etc) or disease states (inflammation, cardiac, metabolic etc).  


Preclinical and Clinical Trial Biomarker studies:
Species Samples
Canine Cell culture lysate/supernate
Feline Tissue lysates
Human Serum/Plasma
Mouse Urine
Rat Fluids (CSF, BALF, synovial, nasal lavage, peritoneal fluid)
Primate (non-human)  



Biomarker Analysis:

  • traditional ELISA 
  • multiplex protein 
  • multiplex branded cDNA
  • PCR
  • IHC
  • FACS
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