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Preclinical Laboratory Services
Comprehensive Efficacy
& Pharmacology Studies
Validated Cell-Based, Small Animal
and Large Animal Models of Human Diseases

Preclinical R&D Services For Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Diagnostic Development Programs

MD Biosciences provides comprehensive preclinical efficacy and pharmacology research services to a wide range of industry, academic and government organizations through our Preclinical Laboratory Services Division. At MDB, we pride ourselves on the expertise that our scientific teams have developed over the course of our 25+ year company history. We collaborate with pharmaceutical and biotechnology pioneers to develop innovative animal and cellular models of a variety of complex diseases, running “off-the-shelf” models, customizing existing models to meet specific needs or developing novel approaches. Our ultimate goal is to be your dedicated research partner for preclinical studies, offering our 100+ years of collective experience in preclinical study design and execution. We work to create a lasting partnership that ensures the most informative and comprehensive data packages possible from each study we perform.


About our Preclinical Laboratory Services:

Wherever possible, we emphasize a rigorous, biomarker based approach to all studies performed at our facilities, taking each Sponsor’s unique research objectives into consideration. Our CRO relationship model includes transparent sharing of information, coordinated decision-making and a high level of flexibility. We utilize thoroughly-validated disease induction methods and positive controls, are fully AALAAC-accredited and GLP-compliant and have a dedicated Quality Management team to ensure the highest quality data practices are observed. Our knowledgeable staff can support you at each step in the preclinical pipeline, from feasability assessment, study design, and selection of the appropriate read-outs to final data analysis, reporting and interpretation. We offer in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo modeling services for efficacy determinations, PK/PD assessments, mechanism of action studies, compound screening, biomarker analysis and more.

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