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Research & Development

Our approach is to work backwards from the clinic. We want to understand what the clinician would expect from an active compound in a particular therapeutic area. From this understanding, our goal is to work backwards to provide the proper preclinical models that will break the preclinical/clinical barrier.

Currently, the industry uses preclinical models that are available to assess activity of a particular compound prior to going to clinic. However, this approach leads to > 90% failure rate as the compound begins efficacy in human clinical trials. This has brought a burden on the pharma industry both for R&D budgets and lack of novel therapies brought to market.

Our goal is to bring modified or newly developed models that will reduce this burden, equipping drug developers with more clinically relevant preclinical data.

Table 1: Model Development Pipeline
 DevelopmentValidationOn Market
pig pop model (info)      

diabetic pig model

Pig Disc herniation      
pig sciatica (info)      
modified cci      

If you would like to explore participating in a validation study or a custom development, please contact us.