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MOG-induced EAE

Preclinical efficacy data for MOG-EAE

MOG-induced EAE in C57Bl/6 mice

The administration of MOG creates an encephalitogenic T-cell response and a demyelinating autoantibody response in certain mouse strains. The MOG 35-55 peptide in combination with pertussis toxin (PT) injections, which increases the permability of the BBB, is used for disease induction in C57Bl/6 animals. The resulting disease is a chronic-progressive form of encephalomyelitis (EAE), which is characterized by axonal demyelination and white matter lesions in the spinal cord. 


The following data pack shows 

  • clinical score data
  • motor function and the correlation to clinical score
  • H&E staining to assess cell infiltration and white matter density
  • LFB staining to assess degenerated myelin
  • CD3 staining 
  • Correlation of histology to clinical score