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MD Biosciences Datasheet

Post-operative Pig Pain

 The pig as a clinically relevant model of pain

A large animal model of post-operative pain that is translationally relevant

Historically, the rodent has been the model of choice for developing new analgesics. Despite the availability of many therapeutic agents and advanced analgesic techniques, an alarming number of partients continue to report pain following surgical procedures. One of the greatest challenges in drug development is the translation of preclinical data to the clinical situation. Here we have developed a pig model of post-operative pain (POP) that in more clinically relevant. 


Covered in this Datasheet:
  • Advantages of the pig as a model system
  • Overview of surgical procedure
  • Wound scoring data
  • Pain behavior data including spontaneous pain
  • Histological assessment of the wound and healing process
  • Correlation of commonly used agents to what is seen in the clinic