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Wound healing

Rodent and pig models for wound healing

Incisional, excisional and burn wound healing models in rodents and pigs.

Skin wound healing is a complex biological process activated by signalling pathways of epithelial and non-epithelial cells, which release a myriad of cytokines and growth factors. Rodent models of full thickness incisions comprise a large portion of preclinical wound healing research, however there is a fairly low correlation between the healing process of rodents and that of man. It has been shown however that larger species such as the pig have up to 78% correlation to human wound healing. Therefore, the pig is the ideal species for wound healing studies due to the many similarities be- tween pig and human skin and offers great advantages in wound healing research. 


The following data pack shows 

  • rodent models of wound healing
  • pig incisional models
  • pig excisional models
  • wound and inflammation score
  • histological assessments of wound healing