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Post-operative pain

 A new pig model

An optimal model for assessment of analgesic effects of various local treatment strategies such as new implants, patches, medical devices and creams.

The most commonly used model to test the effect of new analgesic drugs in post-operative pain is the Brennan model in rats. Although this model can provide good answers to systemic drugs, it is less suitable for testing local treatments such as implants, patches, medical devices and creams.


Download the whitepaper to learn more:
  • Advantages of the pig as a model system
  • Overview of the model and pain evaluation up to 14 days
  • End readouts to evaluate pain, wound healing and inflammation
  • Comparison of the brennan rat model and the flank POP model in the pigs.


The ability to measure the pain and wound healing simultaneously makes this an ideal model for evaluating local treatment strategies.