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MLM Medical Labs

Specialty and Central Lab Services

About MLM Medical Labs

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Formerly MD Biosciences, now MLM Medical Labs Minneapolis, has united with CirQuest Labs and MLM Medical Labs (Germany), to become a global MLM Medical Labs team! MLM Medical Labs ("MLM") is a specialty and central laboratory provider headquartered in Germany, and now has locations in the United States. Our strong scientific background, unique expertise, and global reach allows MLM to step into a project at the very beginning and add value at every stage of the drug and device development process. We are building a powerful science and product-driven laboratory for a healthier world.


MLM's team of over 170 highly skilled and experienced staffers supports between 190 and 210 clinical trials, phase I–IV, at any given time. Our broad range of analytical capabilities includes standard safety profiles, such as blood counts, coagulation, platelets, urinalysis, and clinical chemistry, as well as analyses of biomarkers, drugs and metabolites, and molecular diagnostic parameters. Additionally, we provide sample management solutions through the MLM Sample Storage System®,  to support our clients short and long-term bio-storage needs. With our strong reputation for scientific expertise in immunology and immunological biomarkers and distinguished approach to customer care, our team is looking forward to providing a comprehensive menu of preclinical and clinical services to an extended client base. 


MLM Global Services:

  • expertise in pre-clinical and clinical research across various therapeutic areas including inflammation, immunology, dermal, autoimmune, metabolism and oncology

  • full-service histopathology lab including immunohistochemistry and digital image analysis

  • specialized biomarker testing

  • clinical chemistry

  • analyses of drug compounds

  • molecular diagnostics

  • clinical trial support

Histology Services

MLM Medical Labs provides advanced capabilities for in-depth assessment of tissue parameters with support at each stage in the histology workflow. From sample preparation through to staining and assessment by our pathologists, we ensure the highest quality of data production to progress your programs forward.


Preclinical Services

Our laboratories offer a range of validated models including many inflammatory diseases involving skin, gastro-intestinal, respiratory, metabolism and more. Each disease area is served extensively by different models and batteries of in vitro and ex vivo analyses, offering answers to your candidate therapeutics' effect on different parameters.


Analytical Services

MLM Medical Labs CLIA Clinical division specializes in the development, validation and operation of highly complex biomarker analyses in support of clinical studies. Technological capabilities include multiplexed molecular and proteomic biomarker analysis, assay development and CLIA-validation as well as central laboratory functionality for clinical trial testings & consultations. 


Cell-based Assays

MLM Medical Labs assay development and screening division offers an exceptional combination of cell biology expertise with state-of-the-art instrumentation to provide services designed to meet your project requirements and timelines.  Our customizable menu includes but is not limited to custom cell culture, protein expression and bioassay development. 


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