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Determine Immunomodulatory Mechanism of Action for Compounds

Posted by MD Biosciences

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on May 5, 2010 10:42:00 AM

Determine immunomodulatory mechanism of action for compounds in indication discovery or respositioning of approved therapies.

The ability to determine the immunomodulatory mechanism of action and target disease choice for compounds simultaneously is critical for decreasing discovery timelines, reducing late-phase failures and maximizing the therapeutic potential. The Senerga® Mode of Action Program is a more systematic, efficient and focused progression towards clinical studies resulting in the avoidance of expensive and time-consuming screens of compounds in a range of disease models.

senerga mode of action - eliminate time consuming screens - preclinical contract research (CRO)

The technology behind the Senerga® Mode of Action Program enables tracking of the key events that are common to all adaptive immune responses. By examining the common events that underlie many diseases that result from an inappropriate immune response, not only are multiple potential target diseases effectively screened simultaneously, but the mode of action is also discovered in the process. Traditional models offer post-event analysis, whereas Senerga® offers event analysis as it happens along with precise mechanistic dissection.

Implementing a program such as Senerga® has an integral place in a research strategy. Compounds can be evaluated in the Senerga® Program in as little as two weeks, which provides a great advantage to the drug discovery process for new chemical entities as well as respositioning strategies.

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Topics: Inflammation