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Accelerating Academic Life Science Technology Discoveries

Posted by MD Biosciences

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on Jul 18, 2016 11:44:34 AM

elisa_image.gifSt. Paul, Minn., June 24, 2016 - MD Biosciences launches the InnovX® research platform that’s designed to bridge the gap between preliminary, early stage and industry relevant life science product research discoveries by academic institute researchers, as well as de-risk necessary research investments.

Research in the focus areas of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and related biotechnologies are eligible for selection into the MD Biosciences development InnovX® platform program. Once academic institutional researchers seeking sponsorship are accepted into the MD Biosciences program, they enter into a full partnership agreement. The partnership includes access to a large library of resources, business and technology management expertise, and a vast network of industry contacts to help accelerate innovative life science technology developments.

InnovX® - Novel Partner-based Platform

According to Eddie Moradian, Chief Executive Officer, at MD Biosciences, “The InnovX® Platform is a novel partner-based approach to selecting and advancing promising technologies to a developmental stage that’s ripe for consideration by pharmaceutical and industrial partners. MD Biosciences will invest into the developmental phase from which traditional VC’s shy away from, namely the so-called Valley of Death.” He further added, “ We believe this investment strategy will bring significant value to all parties involved and will help to bring important technologies to light which may otherwise languish due to the lack of strategic investment and funding.”

The InnovX® platform expedites the commercialization process of university developed assets by integrating development and entrepreneurship in multiple internal parallel projects. With its focused and lean approach, MD Biosciences will continue to invest in necessary research that will advance a technology for out-licensing, partnership or start-up formation.

The InnovX® Platform is currently in advanced discussions with a number of high-ranking academic institutions in the US and other countries.


About MD Biosciences

MD Biosciences is a discovery and clinical stage pharmaceutical and biotechnological company. Over the course of 25+ years, MD Biosciences has developed a platform based on scientific expertise and knowledge, plus proprietary methodologies. Its platform is based on a deep understanding of inflammatory and immunological pathways, as well as neurological processes leading to disease states and therapeutic approaches. This knowledge is applied to the development of novel therapeutics, diagnostics as well as medical devices. MD Biosciences develops its own pipeline of compounds, develops and provides products for life science research, operates a clinical diagnostic assays laboratory and provides selective services through its contract research arm.  

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