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Weekly Highlights: Stem Cells and Biomarkers Paving Advancements in Biotechnology

Posted by MD Biosciences

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on Sep 25, 2018 11:00:00 AM

MD Biosciences providing up-to-date news coverage compiling posts from science journals including Cell, Cancer Therapy Advisor, Nature Microbiology, Science Translational Medicine, ScienceDaily and Science reporting fascinating and innovative discoveries happening all over the world across a wide variety of disciplinary areas. Skim the titles below to catch up on what is happening and to learn what the team at MD Biosciences is reading about. Follow the links to read more about something that catches your eye! 

                                                                 WEEKLY SCIENCE HIGHLIGHTS

Advancing Epigenetics: Pluripotent Stem Cells Develop Into Human Egg Cells 

Using mouse ovarian cells, researchers are making strides to reach complete in vitro development of sperm and egg cells. Reported by Gen, and published in Science. 

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Human Skeletal Stem Cells Discovered 

  • Published in Cell, researchers from Standford University have identified human skeletal stem cells, which opens doors for numerous therapeutic possibilities given that previously skeletal stem cells have only been identified in rodents. 

New Immunotherapy Treatment Offers Cure for Metastatic Cancer

  • Researchers at University of Cincinnati describe a potential candidate for neck and head metastatic cancer using gene expression techniques. Published and reported by Cancer Therapy Advisor
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CRIPSR Technology Tackles Zika Virus

  • A study in Nature Microbiology led by UT Southwestern researchers identified the IFI6 gene, responsible for resisting flavivirus infections. 

N-acetyl Cysteine: A Therapeutic Candidate For Bone Arthritis

  • A study done at the Catholic University of Belgium explore this antioxidant and its effects on oxidative stress in cartilage cells. Published in Science Translational Medicine and posted by News Scientist. 
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Hope you learned something new! Check back next Tuesday for informed, up-to-date science news, or contact us with specific inquiries.  

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