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Clinical Assays

Flow Cytometry Services

Clinical & Preclinical Applications

Flow Cytometry Services

Clinical and Preclinical Applications

Our services support clinical studies with same day/next day flow analysis of clinical samples using pre-set or custom validated panels. These assays are run at the MD Biosciences CLIA-certified laboratories using the BD LSR Fortessa X-20 to support multiparametic (14+ color) analyses with advanced performance and consistency. MD Biosciences also offers applications in preclinical or translational programs including immunophenotyping of complex cellular populations, target identification, MOA studies, cell-based assays and analysis of cellular activation and proliferation states. 


Applications including:

  • Panel design by highly experienced immunologists

  • Validation and verification by clinical technicians

  • Sample tracking and accession

  • Immediate processing and real-time data analysis

  • CLIA and GLP-level sample processing

Set Panels (others available upon request)

Clinical Immune Response Panel:Screenshot 2019-09-18 14.43.36

Preclinical (Lung BALF for IPF, LPS-induced inflammation, Asthma):

Screenshot 2019-09-17 13.35.35

Screenshot 2019-09-18 14.47.30

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Available Clinical Methods

  • ELISA Protein Analysis
  • Western Blotting (Standard & WES by Protein Simple)
  • Multiplexed Protein Analysis
  • Flow Cytometry (BD LSR Fortessa)
  • Serology
  • Real time qPCR
  • Multiplexed mRNA analysis
  • Multiplexed miRNA analysis
  • Tissue Extraction
  • Urinalysis
  • Hematology
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Assay Development
  • Assay Validation
  • Capabilities to work with all biofluids and stool samples




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