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IL23-Induced Psoriasis

Bypass Adapative Immune Response Via Direct IL-23 Injection

IL-23-Induced Psoriasis Model

Now also available in the rat!

Recent research in psoriasis has been focused on the IL-23/Th17 pathway. IL-23 stimulates and promotes differentiation of Th17 cells. IL-23 is a heterodimeric cytokine with two subunits. It drives the Th17 response by its binding and signaling through its receptor subunits. When the IL-23R is activated, it promotes the development of Th17 cells and the resulting production of cytokines such as IL-17A, IL-17F, and IL-22 - all which are involved in mediating psoriasiform changes.

The IL-23 induced psoriasis model involves the injection of IL-23 into the ear of C57Bl/6 and is dependent on IL-22 for the development of dermal inflammation and acanthosis. IL-22 induces keratinocyte proliferation and epidermal hyperplasia contributing to epidermis thickening.


  • Clinical Score
  • Body weight
  • Ear Thickness
  • Biomarker analysis (protein or mRNA)
  • Cell Populations in Spleen/Lymph Node by FACS
  • Histology/IHC
  • PK blood collections

Mouse IL-23-induced Psoriasis


Representative data figures for mouse IL-23-induced psoriasis.


  • Mouse IL-23 Psoriasis
  • Rat IL-23 Psoriasis
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