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Immunology/Inflammation Laboratory Services

Imiquimod-Induced Psorasis Model

Validated Model Of Psoriatic Inflammation


Imiquimod (IMQ) Induced Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common skin disorder characterized by focal formation of inflamed, raised plaques that shed scales from excessive growth of epithelial cells and involves the following histological changes in the skin: 

  • hyperplasia of epidermal keratinocytes
  • vascular hyperplasia and ectasia
  • infiltration of T lymphocytes, neutrophils and other types of leukocytes in the affected skin. 
As experts in skin inflammation modeling, MD Biosciences is proud to present its extensive experience as one of the first laboratories to have validated the imiquimod induced psoriasis model in mice. This rapid model of psoriasis-like inflammation involves the IL-17/IL-23 axis. Imiquimod is a potent TLR7/8 ligand and potent immune modulator. Application of imiquimod on the back and ear of mice induces a psoriasis-like inflammation. 



  • Clinical Score
  • Ear Thickness
  • Biomarker analysis (protein or mRNA)
  • Cell Populations in Spleen/Lymph Node by FACS
  • Histology/IHC
  • PK blood collections

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Mouse IMQ Psoriasis

Representative data figures for mouse IMQ-induced psoriasis. Dexamethasone (PO), clobetasol (topical), T1/ST2 (IP) are administed once daily. 


Mouse IMQ Psoriasis

Rat IMQ Psoriasis

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