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Immunology/Inflammation Laboratory Services

Passive Cutaneous Anaphylaxis Model

Dermatological Modeling for Inflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases of the Skin


Passive Cutaneous Anaphylaxis

Passive Cutaneous Anaphylaxis (PCA) is an immediate dermal response to an allergan-IgE interaction. It is based on a passively transferred anaphylactic reaction from antiserum. Subjects are sensitized with antiserum and following a latent period, subjects are injected IV with Evans blue dye bound to the antigen. Reaction of the antigen with skin-fixed antibody causes the release of histamine, which increases vascular permeability, permits leakage of the albumin -bound dye, and produces a blue spot at the site of the intradermal injection.  



  • Dye extravasation (mm)
  • Absorbancy of Evans Blue
  • Biomarker analysis (protein or mRNA)
  • PK blood collections


  • mouse PCA
  • rat PCA 
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