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Preclinical Laboratory Services

Metabolic Diseases

Studies for Diabetes, Renal Function, Obesity, Inflammatory Bowel Disease & More

Obesity Animal Models

Obesity presents an enormous burden on health and extends across multiple organ systems and diseases. It is a major risk factor cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, certain cancers, osteoarthritis, gastrointestinal, reproductive disorders and pulmonary diseases. Obesity also triggers a chronic low grade inflammatory response, which involves many components of a classical inflammatory response to pathogens. The chronic nature of obesity produces low grade activation of the innate immune response that affects measures of homeostasis over time. 


At MD Biosciences (MLM Medical Labs), we conduct metabolic and inflammation research including the following assessments:


  • Feed Intake
  • Body weight
  • Insulin Levels
  • Glucose tolerance
  • Blood Pressure
  • Feed Pairing
  • Biomarkers

Don't see the model or assessment you require? Our scientists are experienced with rapidly validating models from the literature. Please speak with a scientist to discuss your requirements.

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