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Drug and Diagnostic Development Programs

Current Developing Models

Innovative Research Pipeline

Please contact us to discuss collaborative development and co-investment opportunities in the CNS and oncology/immunology space.  


Our current pipeline of compounds include:

MD 354:

  • Small molecule with a novel, first-in-class non-opioid mechansim of action for the treatment of neuropathic and chronic pain 
  • (Stage: Lead compound, available for partnering or out-license)

MD 22:

  • Novel small molecule anti-inflammatory compound for the treatment of lower back pain 
  • (Stage: in preclinical development, available for partnering) 

MD 401B:

  • Vectorized vaccine for the canine osteocarcinoma 
  • (Stage: in regulatory approval, available for partnering)

MD 401A:

  • Vectorized vaccine for the human osteocarcinoma 
  • (Stage: in preclinical development, available for partnering) 

MD 402:

  • Novel strategy for treatment of cancer 

    Collaboration Opportunities:

    • Preclinical Drug Development
    • Senerga® Phenotypic Screening 
    • In-and-Out Licensing Programs

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