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Cell-Based Assays

Standard And Custom Cell-Based Assay Solutions 

Customized Cell-based Assay Testing Services

MD Biosciences conducts cell-based assays for screening and mechanism of action studies using primary or immortalized cell lines. Our scientific team works with you to determine the best assay design for your needs. Our assay development experience crosses a broad range of study targets, and each test study is customized for sponsor relevance by choosing the correct cell system, stimulant, time point(s) and end readouts that fit the objectives of the study. Our menu includes but is not limited to custom cell culture, protein expression and bioassay development. While a majority of studies use either patient-derived PBMC's or established cell lines such as macrophage U937 or RAW264.7 cells, HUVEC endothelial cells, A549 alveolar cells or neuronal cells, virtually any cell type would be possible to establish and use in studies. We proudly host a GLP compliant laboratory for projects working towards FDA approval for clinical settings, allowing custom assay development to be carried through pre-clinical assay validation to clinical drug development and therapeutic applications. 


Example Cell Systems: Example Readouts Example ex vivo* cell subsets
Primary PBMCs Cell viability Bronchiolar lavage cells
Human Macrophage cell line (U937) Biomarkers (quantitative PCR, multiplexed protein or ELISA) Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes
Mouse Macrophage cell line (RAW264.7) Cell proliferation Blood cells
HUVEC Endothelial cells Cell stimulation/activation Splenocytes
A549 Alveolar epithelial cells  Cellular invasion/migration Lymphocytes from draining or non-draining lymph nodes
Primary rat dorsal root ganglia (DRGs)  Immuno and cellular phenotyping (multi-color flow cytometry) Tissue specific cells
Primary rat cortical and hippocampal neurons    
 Several human and mouse cancer cell lines    

*ex vivo analyses can be performed on cells isolated from animals involved in preclinical studies.

Available Murine Cell Line List: Tumor cell lines, inflammatory/MOA models, primary cells

Available Human Cell Line List: Tumor cell lines, primary cells, inflammatory/MoA models

Rat: PC12, primary DRG, whole blood 

Canine: PBMC, Glioblastoma cell lines, meningioma cell lines

 The above list is a small sampling of the available assays. Contact a scientist today to discuss a cell-based assay test that can meet your primary objectives. 



  • PBMCs
  • Human Primary Cells
  • Immortalized Cell Lines
  • Murine and Rat Rrimary Cells
  • Ex vivo primary cells
  • Custom Assays

Now offering flow cytometric analysis on the BD LSR Fortessa

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