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Immunology/Inflammation Laboratory Services
Efficacy & Pharmacology Studies
Validated Cell-Based, Small and Large Animal Models of Human Diseases

Immunology and Inflammation R&D Services for Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Development

In-depth understanding of immunology and inflammatory processes are a cornerstone of MD Biosciences. Our laboratories offer a range of validated inflammatory models including dermatitis, gastro-intestinal, respiratory, joint inflammation, sepsis and more. Offering both in vitro and in vivo models, we can support your program at early stage screening, test item pharmacology and efficacy assessment, as well as the later translational stages. Our inflammatory disease models are further supported by comprehensive ex vivo biomarker analysis, allowing for a multifaceted approach to best understand your compounds mechanism of action. Methods include state-of-the-art flow cytometry, picogram level proteomic analytics, genomic assessments such as qPCR, automated Western Blot and multiplexed protein analysis.

About our Immunology/Inflammation Laboratory Services:

Wherever possible, we emphasize a rigorous, biomarker-based approach to every study we conduct, taking each Sponsor’s unique research objectives into consideration. Our laboratory features multi-parametric biomarker platforms including BD LSR Fortessa, MagPix Technology, Meso Scale Discovery, Western Blotting (Standard and WES by Protein Simple) and ELISA protein analysis. 

Our CRO relationship model includes transparent sharing of information, coordinated decision-making and a high level of flexibility. We utilize thoroughly-validated disease induction methods and positive controls and we are fully AAALAC-accredited and GLP-compliant, and have a dedicated Quality Management team to ensure the highest quality data practices are observed. Our knowledgeable staff can support you at each step in the preclinical pipeline, from feasibility assessment, study design, and selection of the appropriate read-outs to final data analysis, reporting and interpretation. 

MD Biosciences, providing elegant solutions with expert execution for over 25 years. 

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