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Immunology/Inflammation Laboratory Services

Dermal Inflammation

Modeling for Inflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases


Dermal Pharmacology and Efficacy Studies

MD Biosciences laboratories specialize in dermal research with a host of preclinical and translational models. Models are supported by a range of read-outs including protein and mRNA, histology and flow cytometry. Preclinical rodent models are complimented by our translational disease models in the pig, benefitting from the considerable similarities between the skin structure of the pig and humans with respect to vascularization, innervation and structure.  These similarities make the pig skin ideal for studying wound healing as well.


Are you searching for a new model or one not listed above? We would be happy to discuss validating and piloting a new model with your team. Contact us today to discuss your study needs. 

Experience Readouts Options
Biologics Psoriasis score Biomarkers (protein, mRNA)
NCEs Ear thickness Cell populations by FACS
Plant-based compounds Body Weights Histology/IHC
   Wound healing PK



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