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Posters & Presentations

Preclinical Efficacy Disease Models: Development & Compound Evaluation

Preclinical Efficacy & Translational Resources from MD Biosciences 

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MDB Poster Presentations:

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and Systemic Sclerosis in Mice. W. Zhang, H. Hendel, J. Drees, A. Schauder, O. Brenner, B. James. 17th World Preclinical Congress (WPC) 2018,  Boston, MA, USA.

Diet-induced Animal Models of Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis. J. Drees, T. Kangas, A. Schauder, O. Brenner, W. Zhang, B. James. 17th World Preclinical Congress (WPC) 2018,  Boston, MA, USA.

Human-Like Chronic Pain Pathologies Induced In Porcine Skin Innervation And Epidermal Keratinocytes By Proximal Sciatic Nerve Insult: A translational platform to develop therapeutics for neuropathic pain. P. Albrecht, I. Sabbag, D. Castel, E. Ruggiero, M. Dockum, S. Meilin, F. Rice. 47th Annual Society For Nueroscience (SFN) Meeting 2017, Washington D.C., USA.


Correlating Immune Status To Therapy Efficacy In Murine Tumor Models. B. James, J. Drees, H. Hendel, W. Zhang. 2nd Annual Immunotherapy Progress And Clinical Treatments (IMPACT) 2017, San Diego, CA, USA.


Modeling Psoriasis in Rats for Drug Screening and Development. B. James, J. Stewart, J. Drees, J. Schaack, and W. Zhang. 9th Annual World Preclinical Congress 2017, London, UK.


Translation of a Plasma RNA Molecular Profile for Colorectal Tumors to the Clinical Laboratory O. Faktor, T. Peretz, D. Keret, D. Cohen, E. Israeli, and S. Belzer. 23rd Annual Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference 2017, San Francisco, CA, USA.


The Function of Pain-Associated Fibers in the MOG-induced EAE ModelI. Levi, L. Finklstein, H. Sonego, A. Weksler, I. Tzezersky, D. Castel and S. Meilin. 13th Annual Meeting of the International Society of NeuroImmunology (ISNI) 2016, Jerusalem, Israel.


Multi-Molecular and Structural Profiles of the Skin and Cutaneous Innervation that Validate Pig Proximal Nerve Injury Models for Translational Research on Human Peripheral Neuropathic Pain. S. Meilin, M. Dockum, D. Castel, I. Sabbag, and F. Rice. 45th Annual Conference of the Society for Neuroscience (SFN) 2015, Chicago, IL, USA.


The Dentate Gyrus in Chronic Pain – Between Sensing and Experiencing. S. Edut, A. Ritter, K. Kigel-Tsur, S. Meilin , G. Richter-Levin. 19th Annual Meeting of The Israel Society for Biological Psychiatry 2015, Kibbutz Hagoshrim, Kiryat Shmona, Israel.


Sciatic Nerve Injury in Pigs - Can This Model Serve as a Chronic Model of Neuropathic Pain in Large Animals? S. Meilin, E. Willienz, I. Sabag, O. Brennan, D. Castel. 44th Annual Meeting of The Society for Neuroscience (SFN) 2014, Washington D.C, USA.



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