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Whitepapers & Data Sheets

Preclinical Pharmacology and Efficacy Research Models

Preclinical Pharmacology Whitepapers

IMQ-induced Psoriasis. Why the IMQ-induced psoriasis is a good alternative screening model to other more complex psoriasis models.


EAE ModelsExperimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis (EAE), Myelin mediated disease models for the study of Multiple Sclerosis.


Collagen-antibody Induced ArthritisA rapid and synchronized alternative to the CIA and K/BxN models that reduces variability, eliminates the need for expensive colonies and conserves test compound, controls and vivarium space.


Parkinson's Disease ModelsWhat Animal Models of Parkinson’s Disease Have Revealed About Pathogenesis and Treatment.


A large animal model of post-operative pain. An optimal model for assessment of analgesic effects of various local treatment strategies such as new implants, patches, medical devices and creams.


Peripheral Nerve Injury Models. Understanding the mechanisms underlying neuropathic pain syndromes is crucial to the development of more effective therapies.


Diabetic Neuropathy Models. Preclinical models serve as important translational models of human diabetic neuropathy and are required to better understand the pathophysiology of diabetic neuropathy. 


OVA-asthma induced model. Suitable efficacy models to aid in the discovery of novel treatments.



The 6-OHDA Model of Parkinson’s Disease: key features, outcomes, behavior tests and the validity of the model. 


Measuring Cognitive Impairment in Oxygen Deprivation and Neurodegenerative Disease Models 


Data Sheets

Collagen-induced Arthritis in Mouse and Rats


Cerebral Ischemia (MCAo and 4VO) in Mouse and Rats


IMQ-induced Psoriasis


MIA-induced Osteoarthritis Model


MOG-induced EAE Model


Pig Neuropathic Pain Model


Pig Model of Post-Operative Pain


Preclinical Models of Nerve Block in Rodent and Swine


Wound Healing Models in Rodent and Swine





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