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Preclinical and Clinical Services

Quality and Accreditation


MD Biosciences is accredited, compliant and dedicated to quality assurance

We know that quality and attention to detail are critical aspects of scientific research. Our sponsors have come to rely on us to with their preclinical studies both in the design and implentation of the studies and the quality and consistency in the execution and data delivery.


We are committed to compliance and quality:
  • GLP practices including Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), sample handling and inventory, laboratory and equipment monitoring and maintence/calibration procedures, record storage and backup, and Quality Assurance department/program. 


  • MD Biosciences is AAALAC accredited (St Paul) signifying quality and accountability in our animal care and use program. We maintain Institutional Animal Care and Use Ethical Committee (IACUC) and all protocols are IACUC approved. 


  • MD Biosciences has readily prepared Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) Assurances ready for submission for sponsors using National Insitutes of Health (NIH) funded projects. Contact us if you are working with an NIH funded project and we will submit the Assurance. 


  • MD Biosciences is CLIA-certified as a clinical diagnostic facility for compliance from routine testing to high-complexity esoteric testing of patient and clinical trial samples

Quality through Committment:

  • GLP Practices
  • CLIA Certified
  • AAALAC Accredited
  • IACUC/ethical committees
  • Ready to submit OLAW 
  • Dedicated QA/QC Members






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