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Pre-clinical Laboratory Services

Inflammatory Pain


Inflammatory pain is best described as pain associated with tissue injury and inflammation, autoimmune disease or exposure to irritating agents. It occurs in response to release of inflammatory mediators from inured tissue that activate and sensitize the nociceptive system.
Inflammation, whether acute or chronic, is very often associated with pain. Similar to inflammation, pain can be physiological (an adaptive means of protecting tissues from real or perceived danger) or pathological (chronic, and often debilitating despite resolution of the original stimulus). Chronic pain can be caused by a variety of situations including inflammatory diseases such as some of those listed above (inflammatory pain), tumor formation (cancer pain), and nerve injury (neuropathic pain).


We offer a range of inflammatory pain models from acute inflammatory pain to chronic pain associated with arthritic conditions. If you are looking for other models or assessments, our scientists will be happy to assist you with validating them based on professional literature. Our scientists are experienced with validating based on literature. 


Experience Range of Readouts Options
Biologics Paw Volume Biomarkers (protein, mRNA)
New Chemical Entity (NCEs) Thermal Hyperalgesia Histology/Immuno-histochemistry
Plant-based compounds Mechanical Allodynia/von Frey Pharmacodynamics (PK)
Analgesics Weight Bearing  
  Motor Function  


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MIA-induced osteoarthritis preclinical efficacy model





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