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MD Biosciences Announces Addition of Cancer Suite

Posted by MD Biosciences on Jan 28, 2016 4:28:59 PM

ST. PAUL, Minnesota - January 25, 2016 - MD Biosciences (mdbiosciences.com) today announced the addition of its suite of in vivo and in vitro cancer models to its family of preclinical contract research services. MD Biosciences' oncology research program specializes in murine solid tumors for subcutaneous and orthoptopic models (for example, advanced breast cancer and renal cancer) with a specific focus on the immune aspects of disease development and progression. The comprehensive services include both syngeneic and xenograft models with readouts for longitudinal tumor monitoring (for some models), longitudinal blood phenotyping (immune cell distribution, biomarkers, etc.), endtime-point primary/metastic tumor evaluation, tumor tissue-specific cellular analysis using intravascular staining (cells: epithelial, endothelial, immune, etc.), biomarker analysis (blood, tumor, tissue, spleen, lymph node, etc.) and histological grading and evaluation of tumor specific issue (H&E, IHC, etc.).

"Our onco-immunology research team is comprised of skilled scientists with deep-rooted expertise in a highly complex field," said Eddie Moradian, MD Biosciences CEO. "We at MD Biosciences are excited to bring our high level of expertise and our novel models to assist sponsors and partners in reaching their programs' developmental goals. This new suite of capabilities compliments our existing, best-in-class services in other disease areas.


About MD Biosciences

MD Biosciences is a leading provider of preclinical services in the core areas of inflammation, immunological, neurologoical and metabolic diseases. The suite of services includes a wide range of cell-bassed assays, in vivo disease models, translational models as well as models for the indentification of the mode of action of drugs. The services are supported by CLIA accredited and GLP in vitro diagnostic laboratories for the testing of samples by using genomic and proteomic methods. MD Biosciences' in vitro laboratories provide services for the testing of clinical samples. Proprietary models include pig models for neuropathic pain, would healing and other key disease areas.


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