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MD Biosciences Blog

Announcing MLM Medical Labs' Acquisition of MD Biosciences, Inc.

LPS-induced Lung Injury and Fibrosis Models for COVID-19 Therapeutic Developments

Commercialization of Novel Assays for COVID-19 Therapeutics

Announcing MD Biosciences Neuro, LLC in Cambridge, MA

Announcing MD Biosciences Bioproducts, LLC in Oakdale, MN

Why Pigs? MD Biosciences Published in Göttingen Minipigs Magazine

Novel Data For MBP-Induced EAE Presented at NeuroImmunology Conference

MD Biosciences Runs NeuroScientific Study: Publishes Positive Results in Fight Against Alzheimer's

MD Biosciences Launches Neuroscience Services Website: featuring neuropathic pain, neurodegenerative disease models and electrophysiology capabilities

PNT Pig Model: Highly valuable data for translational pain research

IHC Staining Image Gallery Now LIVE: High resolution whole slide image samples from in-house histopathology laboratory

De-Risking Human Clinical Studies: A New Pig Model for Nerve Block Therapies Assessment

IHC Staining Image Gallery featuring CD3, T-cell co-receptor in tonsil tissue

Now Offering Synaptic Imaging Assay For Cognition and Neurodegenerative Disease Research

Senerga Cell-based Assay for Nerve Injury

MD Biosciences GLP-approved Histopathology Laboratory launches new website: featuring histology, IHC, ISH and digital pathology services

MD Biosciences Recognized As a Top 10 CRO by PharmaTech

New MDB Publication: Pig open field data in the PNT model for neuropathic pain

Porcine incisional pain model pioneered by MDB scientists referenced in medical research journal

Pig post operative pain model pioneered by our scientists recognized in a scientific publication: Synergistic Effect of Bupivacaine and Meloxicam in Clinical & Animal Studies

Now Available: Electrophysiology Laboratory Services featuring DANTEC Keypoint Focus

Expanding Our Selection of Cutting-Edge CLIA and GLP Capabilities: BD LSR Fortessa™ Flow Cytometer

MDB Receives 2018 Progress MN Award For Industrial & Economic Development In The Pharma & Biotech Sector Through US Minnesota-Based Site

MDB Recieves OECD-GLP Certification of Histopathology Facilities

MCRH Wins Contract for Phase I Clinical Trial

MD Biosciences Announces Launch of Salspera, LLC To Advance Saltikva® (MDB401B) Towards Regulatory Approval As Cancer Immunotherapeutic


MD Biosciences to present new advances in pig translational models for pain

MD Biosciences Expands Histology and IHC Capabilities

MD Biosciences Announces Facility Expansions

MD Biosciences Announces License to Colorectal Cancer Markers

MD Biosciences to Present At 13th Int'l Neuroimmunology Congress

Preclinical Study | Microbiome Effects | Metastatic Tumor Progression

Accelerating Academic Life Science Technology Discoveries

Zika Virus Test Update

MD Biosciences Announces Release of Zika Virus Diagnostic Test

MD Biosciences Announces Addition of Cancer Suite

MD Biosciences Releases NeuroFreeze | Preserve Primary Neurons

MD Biosciences & Janssen R & D, LLC to screen extensive library of compounds.

MD Biosciences Receives AAALAC Accreditation

MD Biosciences Screens Large Pharma Co. Compounds w/its Senerga® Platform

MD Biosciences Syngeneic Tumor Models for Primary Orthotopic & Metastasis.

MD Biosciences POP Pain Model Published in European J Pain

IL-23 induced Psoriasis-like Preclinical Model of Inflammation

Expansion of the US Preclinical Contract Research Lab

MD Biosciences Releases Sciatic Nerve Block Model

MD Biosciences Develops Large Animal Neuropathic Pain Model

Preclinical Imiquimod-induced Psoriasis-like Skin Inflammation Model

Preclinical Efficacy Models of Parkinson's Disease: 6OHDA & Acute MPTP

eBook: Pain & Inflammation Link | Targets in the Overlap

High ArthritoMabTM Antibody Cocktail Activity | 18-day RA Model Balb/c Mice

Occlusion-induced Myocardial Infarct Model Studies Cardio Protection

MD Biosciences Launches New Products Division - MD Bioproducts

MD Biosciences Expands Pre-clinical Inflammatory & Neuro Drug Research

MD Biosciences Releases Tamm-Horsfall (Uromodulin) ELISA

PharmaGap & MD Biosciences Pursue Novel Inflammatory & Neuro PKC Theta Inhibitor

MD Biosciences Adds Myocardial Infarct Models to its Porfolio

MD Biosciences Releases Human Collagen Type I ELISA

Lumican & Keratocan Monoclonal Antibodies | Eye/Cornea

MD Biosciences to Showcase Preclinical Capabilities at Neuroscience Conf

MD Biosciences Showcases its Products & Services at APLAR Conference.

MD Biosciences Showcases Preclinical Disease Models at Int’l IRA Conference

MD Biosciences Offers Monoarthritic Pain Model

MD Biosciences to Showcase Preclinical Capabilities at World Pain Congress

New Mouse anti-Collagen Type II (anti-CII) ELISAs.

MD Biosciences Releases Mouse OVA-IgE ELISA

High ArthritoMabTM Antibody Cocktail Activity |18-day RA Model Balb/c Mice

MD Biosciences Releases New - Improved Collagen Type II ELISA