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Announcing MLM Medical Labs' Acquisition of MD Biosciences, Inc.

Posted by MD Biosciences on Oct 26, 2020 11:06:56 AM

We are happy to announce that we have merged with MLM Medical Labs ("MLM"), a specialized laboratory dedicated to clinical trials headquartered in Germany. With our strong reputation for scientific expertise in immunology and immunological biomarkers and distinguished approach to customer care, our team is looking forward to joining the MLM family, and providing a comprehensive menu of preclinical and clinical services to an extended client base. 


MD Biosciences' life science research products manufacturing and distribution businesses in Switzerland and the US, and MD Biosciences' neurology business focused on preclinical and translational research in neurology in Israel and the US, are not part of this transaction. 


The addition of MD Biosciences follows the acquisition of CirQuest Labs in Memphis, TN earlier this summer, further expanding MLM's geographic reach. The integration of the three organizations will occur in the coming few months to align the operations and quality systems, offering customers access to MLM services in both the United States and Europe. With a stronger and larger global team, "we will have the scale and capacity to support all stages of product development", says Stephan Voswinkel, Managing Director of MLM.


"Joining the growing MLM family is the next step in the evolution of MD Biosciences, Inc., providing an expanded geographic reach in immunology and biomarker testing services. This opens the opportunity to serve MD Biosciences' growing roster of customers with their needs in Europe, the US and with the combined strength of MLM and CirQuest", commented Eddie Moradian, CEO of MD Biosciences.


MLM global services will include: 

  • expertise in pre-clinical and clinical research across various therapeutic areas including inflammation, autoimmune, metabolism and oncology
  • full-service histopathology lab including immunohistochemistry and digital image analysis 
  • specialized biomarker testing
  • clinical chemistry
  • analyses of drug compounds
  • molecular diagnostics 

official press release

We look forward to continuing to serve you with an expanded menu of capabilities, supporting all stages of research. To learn more about MLM Medical Labs, visit the website here. 


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MD Biosciences Announces Launch of Salspera, LLC To Advance Saltikva® (MDB401B) Towards Regulatory Approval As Cancer Immunotherapeutic

Posted by MD Biosciences on Jul 18, 2017 4:26:21 PM

MD Biosciences is proud to announce the launch of Salspera, LLC (www.salspera.com) to advance Saltikva® (MDB401B), a microbial-based immunotherapeutic product targeting cancer, towards regulatory approval. The Salspera team is actively preparing the next clinical study phase following the successful completion of Phase 1 human safety studies. Saltikva® has been presented at high level meetings, including the most recent conference held at the NIH National Cancer Institute. Next generation programs are also advancing through the preclinical pipeline, with the goal of providing a robust palette of specialized attenuated Salmonella-based guided therapies addressing patient needs with personalized “cocktails” and adjunct therapies.



About MD Biosciences

MD Biosciences is a research and development company founded in 1991 with four business divisions. MD Biosciences CLIA laboratory provides assay development and clinical testing services for clinical stage programs. MD Biosciences Preclinical Services provide contract research services for drug development in areas including immuno-oncology, CNS, inflammatory and metabolic diseases. Early stage compounds in the area of neuropathic pain and cancer are being developed through MD Biosciences Innovalora Ltd. Finally, MD Biosciences is a manufacturer and distributor of proprietary products for industrial and academic drug discovery laboratories.


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Preclinical Study | Microbiome Effects | Metastatic Tumor Progression

Posted by MD Biosciences on Jul 1, 2016 5:44:55 PM

4th Annual Immuno-Oncology Summit, Boston, MA

St. Paul, Minn., July 1, 2016 - MD Biosciences, announces its presence at the 4th annual Immuno-Oncology Summit at the Marriott Long Wharf, Boston, MA - Aug. 29 – Sept. 2, 2016.

Britnie James, Ph.D., Director of the MD Biosciences Immunology Laboratories will present recent data on the impact of different animal supply and the microbiome in tumor progression and treatment studies. “Understanding the Impact of Animal Vendors and the Microbiome - in Tumor Progression and Treatment - in a Model of Metastatic Breast Cancer” will be presented at 10:00 am Wed., August 31.


Microbiome-related Studies Screen_Shot_2016-07-01_at_4.16.13_PM.png

MD Biosciences’ recent microbiome-related studies focused on animal vendor differences in the microbiome to identify any related impact in immunological and cellular functions. “We have examined whether  animals from different vendors, with discrete microbiomes, would  present with different disease progression and therapy responses in a  murine model of metastatic breast cancer,” said Britnie James. “I will be  presenting these research findings at the Immuno-Oncology Summit.”


Therapeutic Progress

According to Eddie Moradian, PhD, Chief Executive of MD Biosciences, “The impact of the microbiome on disease and therapy progression is becoming more evident. The microbiome may play an important role in the preclinical setting and possibly in the clinical settings as well. We hope to contribute to the understanding of the microbiome and its intricate relation to therapeutic progress with our research.”

More Information

For more information on the upcoming event visit Immuno Oncology Summit. To arrange a meeting with MD Biosciences at the event, contact us at info-us@mdbiosciences.com

About MD Biosciences

MD Biosciences is a discovery and clinical stage pharmaceutical and biotechnological company. Over the course of 25+ years, MD Biosciences has developed a platform based on scientific expertise and knowledge, plus proprietary methodologies. Its platform is based on a deep understanding of inflammatory and immunological pathways, as well as neurological processes leading to disease states and therapeutic approaches. This knowledge is applied to the development of novel therapeutics, diagnostics as well as medical devices. MD Biosciences develops its own pipeline of compounds, develops and provides products for life science research, operates a clinical diagnostic assays laboratory and provides selective services through its contract research arm.  

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